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Roads, streets, parks horizontal marking paint and thermoplastic.
Installation and maintenance of traffic lights
Horizontal, vertical painting, marking the premises.

Road signs

Traffic Sign installation and maintenance
Reflective road signs

Traffic lights

Installation and maintenance of traffic lights

Traffic lights devices and systems:

  • gathering,
  • installation,
  • maintenance,
  • reconstruction.

Mobile (portable) lights – sale, rental.

Surface labelling

Roads, streets horizontal markings.
Facilities horizontal markings.
Horizontal, vertical painting indoors.
Pavement marking and antislidimine thermoplastic coating.

Traffic safety measures

Installation of traffic safety measures and so on.

Signal columns:

  • Metal,
  • Plastic.
  • Wooden.

Wheel batter

Speed Delay rollercoaster – sales, installation.

The noise band.

Road safety metal fences.

Pedestrian protective metal fences.

The height limiters.
Automatic gates.
Street, house number plate production.
Roads, streets, parks and areas of lighting works.
Electric works up to 10 kV; Reflective pavement, glass reflectors, LED reflectors.


Temporary road signs lease.
Plantar road signs lease.
Signal lanterns for rent.
Mobile (movable) lights rent.
Guiding cones rent.
Warning - guiding Guidelines for rent.
Temporary road signs at the conclusion of the scheme.


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